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Our legacy

Pretorium Trust has given over 4 generations the benefit of a trusted purchase card with a cash bonus. Since 1938 we have been providing members with a simple way to pay for all* their purchases and receive a cash bonus annually. We are proud of the heritage we have built since then. With Pretorium Trust’s new bonuscard, we look towards the future, and to welcoming more families, individuals, schools, churches and business enterprises to a bonus world.

We paid out more than R49 million in 2020 – this equates to a bonus declaration of 4,151 % paid on all* your purchases – from your monthly groceries to your monthly insurance premiums. Want in? Simply use your bonuscard when you shop, and you can also get a percentage of your spend back in cash every year.

*Excluding fuel purchases


How do I become a bonuscard member?

Apply online here or phone us at 012 361 5526.

When will I receive my bonus?

Your bonus is credited to your account every November.

Can I still use my current
Pretorium Trust card?

You will still receive the same benefits on your old card. 

Can anyone in my family use my card?

No, the bonuscard can only be used by the cardholder. You can apply for a card for your spouse or children and benefit the entire family.

When do I get a new card?

You will receive your bonuscard when your current card expires.

Will I be rewarded for introducing the bonuscard to my friends and family?

Yes. We offer a recruitment fee for every member successfully recruited.

When do I pay my account?

Your bonuscard account is payable on the last working day of the month up until the 3rd of the following month. Should the third day fall on a weekend or public holiday, the account can still be paid on the following working day. 

What do I do if my bonuscard
is lost or stolen?

Report it to 012 361 5526 or 0800 110 929. We’ll replace your card for a fee of R25. 

Can I insure my card?

Card insurance is available at only R12 per card, per year.

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