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Benefits - Bonuscard

Get the original cashback card

Convenience in your pocket:

  • One card for all your purchases – one monthly account
  • Accepted at most chain-stores nationwide – shop locally, on your holiday or business trip

More than just a card:

  • Get a bonus calculated on your entire* spend
  • No limit on your bonus, the more you spend, the more you earn
  • Up to 45 days interest-free credit
  • Use with your existing loyalty cards to double up your rewards
*Excluding fuel purchases

Budget better:

  • Set your purchase limit to help you budget
  • Track your spending
  • Low annual fees

Insure and get a cash bonus

  • In association with Santam or Hollard
  • Get world-class insurance with no brokerage fees and only R14.00 policy fee for personal lines and R30.00 policy fee for commercial lines per month
  • Get a bonus on your monthly insurance premiums, regardless of any claims made.
  • Apply here

Competitive financing and personal loans

  • Fixed interest rate
  • No initiation or monthly admin fees
  • Personal loans up to R30 000
  • Apply here

Millions Paid In Cash Bonuses over the years

Spend and get cash back annually