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Our legacy

Pretorium Trust has given over 4 generations the benefit of a trusted purchase card with a cash bonus. Since 1938 we have been providing members with a simple way to pay for all* their purchases and receive a cash bonus annually. We are proud of the heritage we have built since then. With Pretorium Trust’s new bonuscard we look towards the future, and to welcoming more families, individuals, schools, churches and business enterprises to a bonus world.

We paid out more than R42 million in 2022 – this equates to a bonus declaration of 3,75% paid on all* your purchases – from your monthly groceries to your monthly insurance premiums. Want in? Simply use your bonuscard when you shop and you can also get a percentage of your spend back in cash every year.

*Excluding fuel purchases

Earn a cash bonus on your insurance

Get personal or commercial short-term insurance with only R28,00 policy fee for personal lines and R30,00 for commercial lines and receive a cash bonus on your monthly insurance premiums, regardless of claims.


More benefits

Cash bonus on all your expenses

Get a bonus on all* your purchases – groceries, everyday purchases and even your monthly insurance premiums.

More than just a bonus

Set your purchase limit to help you budget.

Financing and Personal loans

Get competitive vehicle financing at a fixed interest rate, no initiation or monthly admin fees and personal loans up to R60 000*.

Shop at you favourite stores

Shop at more than 10 000 retailers and still use your existing loyalty cards together with your bonuscard.

Funeral Cover

Take care of your loved ones with Assupol and Grobbelaars Funeral Cover.

*Excluding fuel purchases
*T’s & C’s apply

Where can I use my card

Receive your annual cash bonus just in time for the festive season.

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